Helping businesses unleash the power & performance of their people


We are the people performance company. We believe that people are a business’ greatest asset. They are the pivots of change and help drive results & performance.


With this as our driving philosophy, we help companies optimise performance and achieve business results, using the power of their people. We consistently achieve results by integrating our expertise in consulting, coaching & training to deliver a comprehensive & consistent end-to-end solution.


As a boutique agency focussed on consulting, coaching & training, we take a very personalised and custom approach to your challenges. We consult to delve deeper and uncover hidden insights, offer recommendations and implement them. As part of the implementation, we use coaching & training programs and events as a means to deliver these recommendations & outcomes.


When we undertake any project, we guarantee measurable & discernible results. In our pursuit for excellence, we enjoy taking on the most challenging problems.

A comprehensive approach combining consulting, coaching & training.

Delivering results, faster.








Delivering Practical & Enduring Results

As experienced strategic & astute observers, we are able to get deeper into your world & your challenges, faster. We do this through strategic research & analysis, assessments, benchmarking & organisational health-checks to gain profound insights & clarity, identify gaps and deliver recommendations and solutions as part of an implementation program. And we don’t just stop there.

We roll up our sleeves and get down to implementing these programs for you. This includes aligning leadership & the organisation, building execution capability, managing the program & performance, and finally building a continuous improvement engine.

Areas of Expertise:

Strategy  ·  Culture ·  Leadership ·  Organisational Health ·  Sales ·  Marketing



Changing Behavior, Improve Skills & Capabilities, Get Results

Our trainers across Asia utilise top training methodologies and content to deliver high quality, user-focused training programs that connect & engage the participants, while delivering on business outcomes on a larger scale.

Areas of Expertise:

Communication  ·  Culture ·  Leadership ·  Team-Building ·  Sales



Peak Performance Executive Coaching

Using performance and results oriented coaching, we help your leaders gain clarity, build competencies, improve performance and achieve results through individual and group coaching programs.

Areas of Expertise:

Communication  ·  Culture ·  Leadership ·  Team-Building ·  Sales



Exciting & Truly Engaging Conferences, Events & Retreats

We create, produce, manage and deliver some of the most exciting and engaging events you can possibly imagine. We bring a level of energy like you have never experienced before by activating emotions, creating lifelong memories & adding massive value to your business.

Areas of Expertise:

Communication  ·  Culture ·  Leadership ·  Team-Building ·  Sales

Our Training Performance & Results


Participants' who rated ours as the best workshop they've ever attended


Participants' Workshop Recall 1 year on


Total Participants


Participants Who Increased Their Performance & Skills within 1 month


Delivered in Countries



26% - 340%

Participants' Range of Increased Performance

Be a leader with our signature business programs

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A 2-Day Coaching Program that transforms people into authentic, engaging & memorable storytellers.

Developing an Enterprise Innovation Practice

Comprehensive Introduction to the Design Thinking Process for Innovation, using a Design Thinking Challenge!

A Holistic Mind-Based Approach for Reducing Stress While Building Inner Resilience

A 2-Day Revolutionary Personal Branding & Communication Program that will help you stand out & get ahead with people & in business.

Motivating Your People with Authentic Appreciation

A 2-Day Coaching Program Based on a Proven System That Consistently Wows Your Audience

An intensive Leadership Coaching Program to help you inspire your people to action & achieve results faster.

Creating a safe space for employees to overcome personal & professional challenges

The Team-Building Hack of the Century!

High Performance Sales Coaching Program that brings out the best salesperson in you.




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Jesse Bath

“Asia's Tony Robbins”

A leading executive peak performance coach, speaker & facilitator with almost 2 decades in technology, innovation & peak performance. Spent the first 8 years growing two different companies that pushed boundaries in innovation & technology, valued at over $200 million. Received global acclaim two years running at the Global Billing Awards in Paris & Amsterdam, nudging past global incumbents like British Telecom, Schlumberger, etc. Spent the next 12 years helping other businesses (including Fortune 500) innovate, unlock value & achieve peak performance, initially at the strategic level through consulting & advisory and subsequently at the grassroots level through training & coaching. 

Personally impacted over 20,000 people globally including many senior leaders from Fortune 500.


Sunita Pong

“Deception Detection Expert“

With 16 years in academia (Law, Psychology, Sociology, Behavioural Science) and business (Cross-Cultural Facilitations, Executive Coaching, Consulting, Deception Detection Expert), this unique marriage makes her a master at utilising behavioural science and research for real world application. Facilitated over 3,500 cross-cultural coaching sessions, mainly for top management of Fortune 500 companies. As a Deception Detection Expert, she is regularly consulted and flown around the world as advisor to CEOs & the Ultra High Net Worth, bringing HD clarity to decision-making & negotiations.


Darin Eich, Ph.D

“The Innovation Guru”

An innovation expert and the author of the best-selling “Innovation Step-by-Stepand Root Down & Branch Out”, he was conferred a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin for his outstanding work & contribution. Darin is the president and co-founder of and BrainReactions, an innovation consulting company founded by UW students, where he led idea development and innovation projects for organizations like P&G, the United Nations, & U.S. Council on Competitiveness. Darin gives keynote speeches, designs and leads innovation courses, innovative training workshops and online innovation programs. He helps the Fortune 500 facilitate, create, and develop innovation & leadership development experiences.

Darin lives in Madison, Wisconsin and is passionate about helping people to become more creative, innovative, and successful leaders.